Valentines Day Projects

Episode 586 February 23, 2022 00:47:49
Valentines Day Projects
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Valentines Day Projects

Feb 23 2022 | 00:47:49


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Tony and Corey give you some project ideas to show your Valentine how much you love them!

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Speaker 1 00:00:04 Welcome to the weekend. Warriors home improvement show built by bar lumber. When it comes to biggest wall projects around the home, Tony ACORE, you've got the know-how and the answers to make your life just a bit easier. Yearly are your weekend warriors, Tony and Corey. Speaker 2 00:00:24 Hey, welcome to the weekend. Warriors home improvement show built by Parr lumber. I'm Corey Valdez and I'm Tony Cookston. Thanks for tuning in with us today. We've got another great show lined up for you. You know, Tony Valentine's day is around the corner. Is it around the corner? It is around the corner. And I know, you know, because of a very special day. Yeah, that's right. It's my anniversary. So it's a, it's definitely important to me, but let's go back to the comment that it's around the corner. Is it close enough that you can see it from here? Cause if it's around the corner, I mean, you can see around corners, uh, you'd need a mirror or something peek around the corner. Yeah. It's around the next term next week. Yep. It is, uh, it is coming up very quickly and here's the thing we don't want to wait until it's the last minute. Speaker 2 00:01:16 And then, and then, you know, it's crunch time and we're trying to come up with something that's meaningful. You're standing in line with every other husband at Rite aid trying to pick out a card. Yeah. And there's just, there's four left a gift for your significant other, right. Uh, take some time, start preparing now, decide what you're going to do. Something that's meaningful and, um, and, and, and surprise your significant other. Absolutely a wonderful gift. If you decide to do something that you hear about on this show, then it will be a homemade gift. A weekend warrior. Yes, I do it yourself gift. And I tell you what, if you have done a project for your significant other for Valentine's day, I would love to see a picture of it. Send it over to me and Tony, we'll put it up on our, on our gram or Instagram. Speaker 2 00:02:15 Yeah, absolutely. I think that's fine. I would love to, I would love to see some, some Valentine's gifts, homemade DIY Valentine's gifts. I know I've done some in the past and um, I'm always looking for another really cool thing to do that my significant other will appreciate. Yeah. So, uh, anyway, that's what our show's about today. We're going to give you some weekend warrior style, DIY projects, not necessarily gifts, you know, we're not saying get a wrench set or a hammer. We're going to, we're going to talk about some projects today that you can do around your home to make your home Valentine's day worthy. Yeah. Some of the things that we're going to talk about actually are that could make the home a little more romantic, maybe a little more homey, maybe just a little cozy Speaker 3 00:03:12 Cozier. You're my homie. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:03:14 I'll be your homie Speaker 3 00:03:16 Anyway. Well, let's we broke this up into different areas around the house. Uh, it'd probably be appropriate to start in the bedroom. Speaker 2 00:03:24 Would you say Speaker 3 00:03:25 Why not? Right. Got lots of projects you can do around the bedroom to make it a little more cozy for Valentine's day. So the first one on my list, Tony is to build a headboard. Speaker 2 00:03:37 And so you're focusing on the master bed. Speaker 3 00:03:40 Yeah, sure. The master bedroom, the bedroom, Speaker 2 00:03:43 But your, but your focusing on the master bed. Sure. You're starting with a headboard, a headboard. Speaker 3 00:03:49 It's a good project. I've done it before. Uh, if you've got a bed in your room and you don't have a headboard for it, or if you've got an older one, uh, what you can do is take a piece of plywood. I used three quarter inch CDX plywood. It's fairly inexpensive and get a sheet now for, I mean, well under 50 bucks, uh, and then you get some foam. So like some, two or three inch or four inch foam, you glue it to the piece of plywood with 3m, super 77 spray and you glue it to it. And then you'll wrap the thing with fabric fabric, staple it to the back. And then what I did was I cut a French cleat out of a two by four. And that's how I mounted it to the wall. And it's super sturdy and it looks really good. You helped me. Speaker 2 00:04:38 Yeah. I'm just thinking about the fabric. You said fabric. I mean, I'm thinking about, um, you know, you'd want it to be some kind of high-end fabric or something with a design or something with some thickness, right? Something with some girth to it, maybe like a pleather pleather. Speaker 3 00:04:56 Yes. That would be okay. Or a crushed velvet. You could, you could put whatever you want on it, whatever you want. Flannel, Speaker 2 00:05:05 Flannel. It's probably not going to fly. I mean, I have got a, I've got a bed that is a solid black, it's all wood and it's solid black and it's pretty modern, pretty modern. If I was going to add a headboard, I would think that the headboard would need to be modern. Do you have to put foam and cover it with material? Can't you build like a, a panel headboard. Speaker 3 00:05:31 Absolutely. But I was just that's. My idea is putting foam on it and putting fabric over it. Cause it's nice. And saw Speaker 2 00:05:39 Your idea came from a book called how to build a headboard in the nineties. That's what I think that's where I think your idea came. I got a better idea. You can take that same piece of plywood and get some half by three or some half by four and apply those on there in, in the shape of boxes, right. With 40 fives on the ends. And um, and then you can put a little piece of quarter inch, quarter round on the inside call, call that together, prime, it painted the, you know, like a matte black like shiplap, and now you've got, uh, Speaker 3 00:06:24 The Joanna Gaines design. Speaker 2 00:06:25 Your there's no shiplap on there. This is a panel finish it. It would be very classy. Well, either way and look really good. Speaker 3 00:06:35 I like my idea. You like yours, but headboard's a good project. Wouldn't you say? Speaker 2 00:06:39 Uh, headboard is a great project, you know, as long as you're, uh, making some improvements to the master bed, this is a really good time to go out and buy a new set of sheets, buy a couple of new pillows, maybe get, uh, a new comforter or a duvet cover. Um, really spruce it up. I think this is an opportunity to spruce up, give it a, a real fresh, new look and feel. Uh, and with the headboard, it just really tops it off. Speaker 3 00:07:13 I'm gonna get, I'm gonna say two words, feather Speaker 2 00:07:15 Pillows down, down. Speaker 3 00:07:18 I just bought a new feather pillows just the other week. And I'm very excited about Speaker 2 00:07:22 Them. I love did you have to take out a loan to pay for them Speaker 3 00:07:25 Almost? Speaker 2 00:07:26 It's like, no, they are. I got my goodness. I got my last set of pillows that I Kia Ikea has lots of options when it comes to pillows. Oh, interesting. They have down as well. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:07:37 All right. Here's another good project for you is building a walk-in closet. If you have, if your spouse has a small, tiny closet and you've got the room small, tiny, it might be worth building a walk-in closet or just a big closet along one empty wall. When we bought our house, uh, you actually helped me build it. Tony. I did the, our bedroom size was gigantic. It was so big. It didn't make sense. And the closet was tiny. So we framed in a two and a half foot by eight foot long opening, uh, just inside the walls there and got it. Sheet rocked, got it finished. And I installed a really nice organizational closet set up inside of it, you know, where you go to the store and they design it and they put all the rods and cut everything. And it is fantastic. My wife absolutely loves Speaker 2 00:08:34 You essentially doubled or more your total closet space in the master bedroom. And it was, uh, it was a fairly easy project. Of course, you, you pay probably a pretty penny for the closet organization system, but, um, installing it was not that difficult and it turned out really good. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:08:51 I did it myself. I did buy the components to do it, but installed it myself. So it wasn't horrible. Uh, but it was a great project. And it's something you could probably get done in a few days. Speaker 2 00:09:01 Even if you have a walk-in closet. Now, there might be an opportunity for you to add some, some design aspects inside the closet, some additional storage for shoes, or you could double up the, the clothes, uh, the closet rod maybe, and get shirts above and below. I know there's a lot of efficient ways to use space in the closet. My master closet is not currently very efficient, so there's an opportunity there for me, but that's a great tip. Another thing you can do while you're in the master closet is improve. The lighting lighting is never sufficient. It seems to me in the master closet. And that's a great way to show your significant other, that you appreciate them is to add some light in the closet so that they can see better. And so you can see better another couple of places where there's never a good enough light or sometimes no light at all is in a hall closet or even a coat closet, an entry closet. A lot of times closets just don't have any light at all. And there is an opportunity to add light there and it doesn't have to be super. Speaker 3 00:10:09 Yeah. I actually give you a tip on that. If you are worried about running a wires to switches and doing all of that sort of thing, I would recommend getting a, just running power into the closet itself. You, you know, if you have access to it up in your attic, uh, and you can just run hot right over to the claw inside the closet and put an outlet and you can buy led shop lights at Costco that are motion censored. So when you open the closet door, the light turns on and you can adjust the brightness of it. You can adjust the duration of the light. You can have it turn off after 30 seconds. However you want to set it up, but it's nice because you don't, it's just always hot. You know, it's always on, you don't have to worry about running a switch and turning and switch or doing a pull chain or anything like that inside the closet Speaker 2 00:11:04 On opportunities for that same thing. I mean, even in the, in the laundry room or in the pantry, lots of places where a motion sensor light would work really good. Speaker 3 00:11:14 Absolutely. That's a great idea. And I put it in a couple of my closets. Absolutely Speaker 2 00:11:18 Love it. You know, where there's another place where you can do a lot of amazing things in the master bathroom Speaker 3 00:11:26 And yes, Speaker 2 00:11:27 There, you know what I mean? You know what, here's one, here's one and you know, some of these are a little more in depth than others. Here's a very simple one. If you still have a flat mirror on the wall in the master bathroom with two little mirror clips on the bottom and two little mirror clips on the top, there's a little Speaker 3 00:11:46 Shell shape ones. Speaker 2 00:11:47 Yeah. Those little shell shaped ones. If you still have that in your bathroom, you're missing an opportunity, really class the joint up, you could go out to the store and buy a new mirror. That's framed with a really nice frame, or you could even frame the mirror yourself. Um, I, to, you know, data showing a frame for a mirror is something that a weekend warrior can do with a table saw and, uh, you know, a little bit of skill and a little bit of luck. But, um, if that's out of your comfort zone, then purchasing a mirror that is framed can really add a lot of character to the master bathroom, Speaker 3 00:12:28 A really popular thing to do even still. Um, I think it looks great. I agree with you getting rid of that old, even that old metal aluminum track, you know, the top and bottom aluminum truck where you have the mirror, the full size mirror in it. That was super cool in the Speaker 2 00:12:43 Here's something that's a little bit more involved. How about a bad day? Speaker 3 00:12:48 That's a great idea. You don't in the great toilet paper apocalypse of 2019 or 2020. Yeah. Where you couldn't buy toilet paper. Uh, my wife actually convinced me to go buy one of the b-day adapters that goes on the toilet and she absolutely loves it. Speaker 2 00:13:07 But do you still use it today? Absolutely. Really? You have that on there and it works. Did you also hook it up to warm water? I didn't. I have had so many conversations with people who bought a day adapter for their toilet, but didn't bother to hook up the warm water. And, uh, I mean, it's a refreshing sensation. I understand. Um, but I'm not sure I would be able to go that route. I feel like I would have to have warm water, but I am intrigued by the idea of the day could be something that's very nice Speaker 3 00:13:38 Adding. So since you're in the bathroom, uh, adding a heated toilet seat, oh, is one of those new things. I mean, Speaker 2 00:13:48 That might counter the cold bay water Speaker 3 00:13:50 Might. It absolutely might. Or a heated towel rack. Speaker 2 00:13:54 Oh, that's luxury. Speaker 3 00:13:55 In the winter time, you throw your towel on the heated towel rack and when you get out, it's nice and warm luxury in another thing is the heated floor. Speaker 2 00:14:05 Oh man. I mean, now that's a project. We know that because a recently did that in my mother-in-law's house. We, we a re tile. We did a remodel there and we tiled the floor, decided that we wanted to have heated floors. And, um, man, oh man, I tell you, um, I was in there doing the base trim in the bathroom and the floor was about 80 degrees, which is where it runs, you know, most of the time it is very luxurious. Speaker 3 00:14:35 You know, I'm kicking myself, you know, if you've listened to our show for any period of time, you know, that I re remodeled every room in our house Speaker 2 00:14:43 And including the bathrooms. Speaker 3 00:14:45 Yeah. The last one that we did was the master bathroom. And I said, I am absolutely getting heated floors. And when it came right down to it, it became too difficult and costly because I had to run a whole new run from the electrical panel, which is in a weird location anyway. So I can't easily get wire from there into my attic or my crawl space. I would have had to have torn out walls in areas that I didn't want to just to get that new power run to the back bedroom where the master bath is. So I opted not to do it. And I'm really mad that I didn't, because it's cold in there. Speaker 2 00:15:30 The winter time tile floors are cold in the winter time. It's it's um, decidedly uncomfortable. So yeah, that's something to think about. It's a big project, but, um, very cool and definitely worth it in my Speaker 3 00:15:45 Opinion. Yeah. In my next bathroom remodel, or if I ever build my own home, 100% getting heated bathroom. Speaker 2 00:15:53 How about this? When you redid the shower in your master bathroom, did you add a second shower head? Uh, I did you, so you have to shower. We have two shower heads in there. And tell me this on a scale of one to 10, how glad are you that you doubled down? Speaker 3 00:16:12 Um, 10, a hundred percent. Wow. It's a fantastic thing to have in the showers having two shower heads, even, you know, for yourself, just having one on either side or one above and you know, the rain shower head or whatever. Yeah. It's amazing. There was a time Speaker 2 00:16:29 When you and I had a conversation about dual shower heads in a shower, and you were concerned that the pressure would not be enough and you would just end up having this water sort of drizzling on you from a second shower head and you were unimpressed with the potential. And now the performance is amazing. Not subpar. No. Well, that's great. A second shower head in the bathroom. Also a bit of a bigger project. Um, well, not necessary. Speaker 3 00:16:59 It's totally worth it. You can buy a double shower, head kit where it comes off. The, the, if you just have one shower, head above your, your shower handle, like in normal, you can actually buy kits where you take that out and then you screw the new one in and it stretches up and over and down and you can put a rain head in. You can buy these whole kits that come as an aftermarket deal where you don't have to cut into sheet rock or anything. Wow. Speaker 2 00:17:27 So that sounds like a doable thing. A hundred Speaker 3 00:17:29 Percent. It's a, it's, it's a weekend project in my opinion. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:17:35 That's a good to speaking of luxury. Here's another luxury item and it can be anywhere. Bathroom, kitchen, family room, living room den bedroom, Speaker 3 00:17:46 Ping pong room Speaker 2 00:17:47 Could be in the campy in the ping pong room could be in the, uh, in the man cave or in the, in the she shed or the ladies quarters, you know, whatever you want to call that the, uh, sanctuary room. How about this? Change out a regular outlet for an outlet that has U S B Speaker 3 00:18:06 Capability. That is an amazing project to do not just for Valentine's day. Cause I'm telling you, you know, the, the, if you've never seen these plugs before, it's essentially a receptacle that has USB outlets, outlets snuck in there. It still has to receptacle plugins to regular outlets, but it also has USB. So it eliminates the need for those bricks. You have the box, the little, the power of the little power brick that you plug in, and then you plug your USB into that. So it frees up two receptacles right there. Uh, one thing I will caution you on the times are changing. As we all know, and USB, I don't remember the exact term for it, but that old boxy USB, where you know, where you plug it in and won't go in and flip it over it still won't go in and you have to flip it over two or three times and it'll finally go in. Yeah, that's going away. Speaker 2 00:19:05 USBC is replacing it. Speaker 3 00:19:07 USB-C is replacing it. People that the techie people out there that know about this. Um, you've seen it on Android phones in the last few years. They've switched over to this oval shaped USB USBC. It charges faster. Everything about it is better, but the other end where it plugs into the wall or into your brick, that's kind of remained the same old USB. Well now, even that is changing over to USB-C. So you can get these new receptacles with that USBC in there. So it might be a good idea to get those, or maybe even get receptacles that have one of each check them Speaker 2 00:19:50 Out there, check them Speaker 3 00:19:51 Out because I knew truck even has the USB-C output or Speaker 2 00:19:56 The outlets with the USB, the original USB connection. We're about 50 or 60 bucks when they first came out. Right? So those USBC ones could be expensive early on, but I'll tell you what not having to use those little power box things, man has been worth it. I've I've so glad that I made the change a hundred percent and not excited that I'm going to have to make it again Speaker 3 00:20:20 For the record. I know it's kind of one of those, uh, technology things, you know, by the time you catch up, it's like, remember CFL bowls just like CFS now, by the time they get down in price and every said, all right, I'm switching to CFL. LED's Kelly D Speaker 2 00:20:34 They are way better. Here's something else, Corey, just to bring this back and include every single person that's listening to this right now, everyone can do this. And maybe it's not a, maybe it's not a big thing or a grand gesture, but you know what? Just fix the thing. There's always a thing that your significant other has been telling you about this thing drives me crazy. It could be a sticky drawer or a squeaky door or a squeaky floor, right there is what you're saying. There's always that thing, right? That one thing, that thing that doesn't really take a major commitment, but you're like, oh, that thing again, it's not like the thing doesn't work and it's not like it's keeping you from your life. But that thing maybe it's time for Valentine's day to just fix that thing. Just fix that thing, whatever that is. Speaker 3 00:21:37 Sometimes it's easy as a little spray of WD 40. Speaker 2 00:21:41 If you don't want to use that chemical, maybe you use a little bit of coconut oil. Speaker 3 00:21:46 Yeah. Yeah. You certainly can. You Speaker 2 00:21:47 Can spit on it. That won't last very long, but you can do it, but fix that thing, just fix that thing. Whatever that thing is, you know, you can fix, w we've talked about this before. You can fix a squeak and a floor. They got a little, they get a little kit in the hardware store you can get, Speaker 3 00:22:03 Yeah, we actually sell them at par. It's called a squeak. No more squeak. No more. It comes in a box, a little tool. And it basically is a long screw that where you find the squeak and you find, you kind of have to play around with it. Cause you do want to hit a joist. But essentially what you're doing is you're screwing down through like say it's carpet and you throw a screw through the carpet and into the joist until, until you find it and then screw it down to a certain point, then you stop. And then you use the tool and it snaps the screw off below the surface of the plywood. Essentially making it go away. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:22:44 You know what? It's all about doing the thing. We actually have to take a quick break. When we come back more of those projects that you can do for Valentine's day, you're listening to Tony and Corey, your weekend warriors. We'll be right back. Speaker 1 00:23:06 You're listening to the weekend. Warriors home improvement. Joe built by Parr lumber. Now here's Tony and Corey Speaker 3 00:23:21 Hey, welcome back to the weekend. Warriors home improvement show. Thanks for staying with us today. We're talking about weekend warrior projects around the home for Valentine's day. But, uh, I did want to say if you've listened to our show before you probably know that we have a YouTube channel. So we'd really like it. If you went and checked out our YouTube channel, just search part up Parr lumber, or you can search weekend warriors, home improvement show. Uh, but Parr lumber brings it right up, like, and subscribe to our channel. We've we're also on Instagram and Facebook. We are at WW home show. If you missed any portion of this show or any other show, and you want to go podcast those wherever you listen to your podcasts, just search bar lumber and Tony and Corey come right up our weekend warriors. You could subscribe to that. And we try to put these shows up every week. Now we got yelled at, by a listener. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:24:13 WW home That's our, that's our website. Speaker 3 00:24:17 And if you ever want to hear, uh, or ever want to talk to us and send us an email or send us a picture of your project or anything you're working on and you want to share it with us, you can email [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you. All right. So today we're talking about projects around the home you can do for your sweetie for your significant other, your Valentine. Yeah. And, uh, there's a lot of projects around the house. And the last one you said Tony was just to fix that one thing, just that one thing, one thing that's driving your partner nuts. Speaker 2 00:24:51 It's probably the easiest thing you'll do, which is probably the reason why you haven't taken the time to do it because it's, you know, seemingly insignificant, but that just makes it even worse. Your significant other is probably saying something like, it's not even important enough to put off. Why are you putting it off? Just do it. You know what I'm saying? Speaker 3 00:25:15 Yeah. We all have those projects where it seems seemingly that w it will take way too long to do a particular project. But if you just stop what you're doing and do it, you could probably knock it out in far less time than you would think. So. Speaker 2 00:25:35 So I have a couple of, certainly you can knock it out a lot faster than the last several months that you've been not doing it or years Or years. Yeah. Uh, certain projects have a tendency to linger on an amazing gift for your significant other is to tackle that thing so that it's behind you. Totally just get it, just get it done. Speaker 3 00:25:58 Knock it out. All right. Here's some other projects inside your home that you could do. Uh, if you're trying to get a nice and cozy inside your home, maybe you could fix the cold breezes, leaky windows, leaky doors, replace the weatherstripping. It doesn't sound very romantic, but I'll tell you what kills a romantic mood is some ice cold freezing air slipping in around a door or a window in that sort of project. Doesn't take very long. You know, if you want to start in the bedroom or start by the couch where your significant other sits all the time, and they're Chile, you can go pop the trim off, spray some window and door foam around the window, maybe even in the door. Uh, if the, if you can see daylight around the door, pop off the old weather, stripping and replace it. It's not a terribly hard. Speaker 2 00:26:54 Here's another right along that same thought process, you know, staying warm. Here's another one. If you don't have a fireplace in your home, you know, you don't have to go through this big project to, to add one, a fireplace adds that romantic ambiance and the heat, and, uh, that you know, that everybody longs for. I feel like, but, but if you don't have a fireplace, you're thinking, well, we'll have a fireplace. You can go out and buy a free standing electric fireplace, you know, 300 bucks probably it's you can set the TV on top of it's got drawers and doors and cabinets and all kinds of stuff. Very nice and operates. Just like, uh, just like, uh, an electric fireplace that is built into the wall and they put out heat. Oh man. Yeah. Nice amount of heat. I don't even use any of the heat in my, in my family room. Just that little electric fireplace is all I use and it makes it nice and toasty in there. And it's, and it's got a nice ambience with the lights that shine in there. It's nice. Speaker 3 00:28:05 That sounds like a fun little Speaker 2 00:28:06 Rodger. It's not expensive. They're for sale out there. Go get one. Speaker 3 00:28:10 Uh, all right. Here's another one. Jump into the kitchen and organize all of the kitchen cabinets. The pantry, maybe build a, Speaker 2 00:28:20 I recently built a spice rack for my loved one. Is that the one Speaker 3 00:28:24 I helped you with or know that the one I helped you with was the one at your, the mother. Mother-in-law Speaker 2 00:28:29 My mom, my mom, or your mom. We built those. We built those hideaway spice Speaker 3 00:28:35 Racks, either Speaker 2 00:28:36 Side of the train on either side of the stove. That was a very awesome project that we did. Uh, we had this eight inches of space. We had just replaced all the cabinets and in the stove space, we built in eight extra inches on each side of the stove. And Corey and I built four Speaker 3 00:28:56 On each side, not eight each side. Right? Total? Speaker 2 00:28:59 No, are we? Yeah, we, it took us eight inches because we had to have room for the frame on the outside of the actual spice rack itself. So we had like three inches for the spice plus the plus the frame for that. And then of course the hinges for the door and all of that would need eight inches on each side. That's what we needed. That was the opening eight inches. And then we ended up with a four inch rack in each side. Yeah. And I'm pretty good. Yeah. The door, the door really was filler. It was filler that we used there and it didn't have any panel or anything on it. And then you, you, we had those, uh, um, magnetic latches where you push it in and it pops out and then you could open it up and they were totally hidden to spice racks on rollers. Very Speaker 3 00:29:51 Awesome. I do remember that. Yeah. It worked out really, really Speaker 2 00:29:54 Well. They still work today. They're amazing. Fantastic. Speaker 3 00:29:57 Yeah. Uh, another thing you could do in the kitchen is to add a wine fridge. Speaker 2 00:30:04 That's a great one. My, my wife definitely wants a wine fridge. Speaker 3 00:30:08 It's a, it's definitely one that we missed out on in our kitchen remodel. And I'm disappointed. We didn't do it. Speaker 2 00:30:14 I call it a chocolate fridge, a chocolate, but she calls it a wine fridge. Speaker 3 00:30:18 What do you keep? Oh, you keep like chocolate milk in there. Speaker 2 00:30:21 Chocolate aisle, all chocolate, you know, in the summer months you can't afford to have chocolate melt. And then it gets, you know, it's 10th turns kind of wide and it just doesn't ever taste the same. So it's a mess. It's like you get M and M got to keep your chocolate Speaker 3 00:30:35 Colt, M and M's melt in your mouth. Not in your hand. That's true. It's in the label. It's not the same. Speaker 2 00:30:42 No, a wine for just a great idea. That's a, that is a very nice addition. Addition to a kitchen, a dish to a kitchen kitchen addition, I've got a great one, Cory, and this does not have to cost that much money, but it is going to pack all of the punch of any very heartfelt gift you could possibly give. Listen to this as a great idea. Everyone has photos on their phone that they love. And then they share them with people. They text them around and email them around and all people have the photo and everybody loves it. It's a gorgeous photo. You know what didn't happen with that photo? It didn't get printed. It didn't get framed and it didn't get hung on the wall where you can appreciate it all the time. You should find some significant photos of you and your significant other, find the ones that you love, your most favorite photos, get them printed, get them framed, hanging on the wall so you can appreciate them. Yeah, that's a good, Speaker 3 00:31:49 You know, recently. And I mean, within the last year we had, we had moved, I don't know we're on our third or fourth move. Cause we moved from our house into a rental, but we had to put everything in a storage units. We moved it there and then we moved it to this other place when we moved to our house. But by the time it got under the third move, which I'm sure many of our listeners have moved several, Speaker 2 00:32:13 Hi James, I'm sure many of our listeners had friends that helped them move several times. Speaker 3 00:32:18 Totally. Uh, your stuff gets beat up. And we had all of our pictures inside of these boxes, even with like, you know, foam and, you know, bubble wrap and all of those things, they got beat up. So they were really chipped. Like the paint was coming off. Some of the glass was cracked. So I went out to the Framestore and I picked up a bunch of frames, all brand new frames. So they all match. They were all kind of similar. And I reframed all of our pictures that were on our hallway because we had them stashed in the closet since they were so beat up. We were embarrassed to put them up. So I, I did that. I took that advice and I did it. That was recently yeah, probably within the last year. Wow. Speaker 2 00:33:07 Awesome. That's a great, and you're so glad you did it right. I mean, Speaker 3 00:33:11 There's into my house. You see the pictures there in the Speaker 2 00:33:13 Hallway, nothing better than really, um, being able to appreciate the memories from maybe your wedding or from your honeymoon, from your favorite vacation, uh, you know, sporting events, whatever it is. So many great memories wrapped up in that stuff. And it sits in your phone and apart from sharing it with other people here and there, you just simply can't appreciate it. Like it should be appreciated. So it's a great idea to go out and frame some photos. Those are great gifts for Speaker 3 00:33:44 Valentine's day. You know, Tony, some other projects that we've worked on over the years, uh, that we have on our YouTube channel, we built a few years back, a hanging plant shelf and we built it out of, was it two fence boards, Speaker 2 00:33:59 Two Cedar Speaker 3 00:34:00 Fence boards. We took two standard, six foot Cedar fence boards. And we built this really cool, uh, hanging plant shelf. It was like a, basically a platform with a shell, um, four sides, four sides. And it had like this little lip all the way around and we put chains on it and hung it in front of a window. So it was kind of up high, but you were able to put plants on it that hung over the sides. We had a gal on the show, uh, from Cleveland Speaker 2 00:34:30 Bloom, Speaker 3 00:34:30 Aaron Harding, and she helped us. She had this design, so we filmed it and it's on our YouTube channel. You should go check that out. That's a really cool project that you could knock out pretty quickly, uh, and put some plants in it for your significant other. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:34:45 The crew bolted the bottom of the, of the plant shelf. We through bolted it, there's no way it's coming down. Zero possibility it's coming down and, um, and then put some sides on it, little lips on the side so that the plants would have a sturdy spot to sit. It's a very cool gift. Absolutely. As long as we're talking about plants inside the house, you know, Corey, uh, if you're not a green thumb sort of person, you might not realize that house plants have to be, repotted periodically the dirt that they're planted in and potted in the first time, you know, it will eventually, um, you know, get hard and compacted and the plant will have gotten the nutrients out of it that Speaker 3 00:35:31 It had to give big for the pot, Speaker 2 00:35:33 Or it can get too big. Uh, and you know, it just in order for the plant to really flourish and do well, it needs to be repotted in fresh soil periodically. And so that's okay. That can be a great gift ideas to report some of the house plants that are in the house and keep them alive and doing really well. Yeah. Speaker 3 00:35:55 That's a good tip. Speaker 2 00:35:56 Flourishing, if you will. Speaker 3 00:35:58 Uh, clever bloom, Aaron Harding, who wrote this book called how to raise a plant, raise a plant and make it love you back. Uh, it's a good book. She knows what she's doing. She knows what she's talking about when it comes to indoor plants. So if you're struggling with your plants, I'd recommend go and picking that book up. Absolutely. Yeah. Either for a gift or for yourself. It's a great Speaker 2 00:36:19 Read for sure. How to Speaker 3 00:36:22 Raise a plant and make it love you back. That's right, Speaker 2 00:36:24 Right. It's a great book. Um, you know, when I'm thinking about repotting, some plants, I'm thinking about where that's going to be done, you know, it's another great idea. Corey, if you're going to build something for your significant other, if they don't already have one, a repotting station would be great, you know, four foot wide, um, two foot deep, maybe like a little work bench. Yeah. Like a work bench, but maybe on one half you have the bench can lift up and you can have a bin in there. And on the other side, you can have a sh a drawer. Uh, you can have a shelf on the bottom. You have a couple of shelves on the top. I mean, uh, a potting bench is a great gift idea. And any weekend where it could build one, Speaker 3 00:37:04 You know, Tony, it's such a good idea. I feel like we should build one. Oh, for sure. In recorded, Speaker 2 00:37:09 Should we should video make one, shoot a video and we should give it away to some lucky listener. Let's do it. That'll be great. What else, what else you got outside? Some other outside. Speaker 3 00:37:19 Well, we, you know, Tony, we recently built a bird feeder. That was really simple. It was very inexpensive. We have this thing about fence boards. We like building projects out of one or two fence boards. Yeah. Because you can buy a fence board for three bucks, four bucks and build a really cool project out of it. We actually took one in a wine bottle and we made a bird feeder out of it and a little foot long piece of rope. Speaker 2 00:37:49 Yeah. Very cool. Actually self. It was a self-feeding bird feeder. Speaker 3 00:37:54 Yeah. You fill the wine bottle with bird seed. And when you flip it upside down and you put it inside of this little bird feeder, and as the birds munch on the, the seeds, it falls down and replenishes what they've eaten. Yeah. It's very cool. It turned out so good that we'll probably have to make several more for our wives. We didn't get to keep that one. Speaker 2 00:38:17 That one's also is a giveaway. Speaker 3 00:38:21 We're going to be debuting that on our channel soon. So keep your eyes out for that. But that, uh, that is a good project to do is to make a bird feeder. Speaker 2 00:38:31 There are a lot of really cool projects, Corey, that come from a wine barrel. If you see in some of the things that are made with wine barrel parts, they pop off the rings and they stay, they let the staves fall down and then you have the top and the bottom. So there's, these are the standard parts of a wine barrel. And the, you take one stave and drill some inch and a half round holes in it about four inches apart or so. And so you end up with about six or so of those inch and a half holes and then drop a little votive candle in each one and light those candles. Very cool. Candle holder and sit on the mantle or on the table. Very cool. Actually just 1, 1, 1 simple stave. You have one. Yeah. I have one of those. Speaker 3 00:39:20 Or did you buy it? We, you know, we got it as a gift. Shame on you Speaker 2 00:39:23 Works great. You love it. We could make some of those. We should, you know what else you can make with a wine barrel? What more stuff you can make? You can make a, you can bet I've seen an sharkutery board. Oh yes. A very cool sort of lazy Susan style sharkutery board it's made with the, just the top portion. That's got all the staves around the end, but they're only about three inches tall and the top. And, uh, and the top ring is on there. And then you just, you know, put, attach that thing altogether and finish it and make a charcuterie board out of it's a gorgeous, but a lazy Susan on the bottom. Speaker 3 00:40:05 My neighbor has a wine barrel rack that holds glasses. It's actually pretty Speaker 2 00:40:14 Cool. I've seen those. Those are very cool. Speaker 3 00:40:17 Tony and I are going to do a whole video series on what you can do with objects to do with a wine Speaker 2 00:40:21 Girl. That's what we need Speaker 3 00:40:23 To do. Your yard is in wine Speaker 2 00:40:24 Country. Oh man, we got wine barrels. We got wine barrels. Speaker 3 00:40:27 You were in the Willamette Hills. Speaker 2 00:40:29 Well, to us all the time, love wine barrels, but one of those are very cool. We have a w an Adirondack chair on our back patio. That's made out of a wine barrel. Very well-made amazing made for me by a friend of mine. Um, there is a lot of things. They make these little end tables. They take the top and they use four staves back, you know, back to back, right. And the curve out on the outside and, and the hold up this little end table with a made out of wine, wine barrel. Speaker 3 00:40:58 Cool. I like it. You know, what would be really cool? Tony is to put those Adirondack chairs around a fire pit. Speaker 2 00:41:06 Oh yeah. Fire pits. A great Valentine's day gift. I was just sitting around the fire the other night, just like three nights ago. Really. We had a little fire in the backyard and our little four foot by four foot fire pit. It's a very good thing to have in the wintertime. I love that. It's a, Speaker 3 00:41:22 Yeah, it's very romantic kind of fits the, uh, Valentine's day motif for sure. Building a fire pit. Yeah. A couple Adirondack chairs, glass Speaker 2 00:41:33 Wine, anything above anything above 38 degrees is decently comfortable. If you've got a good fire going on about that, Speaker 3 00:41:42 Uh, here's something else I know this is probably getting up there in time and money, but, uh, maybe building a hot tub patio. Ooh. Putting in a patio, putting in a hot tub on it. Uh, maybe even blowing out a window that was in your master bedroom with it in, in replacing it with a door to allow you to get out, to set Octa patio Speaker 2 00:42:07 Right to it. Huh. And you're not having to traipse through the backyard over to the patio door streaking through the house, in your wet swimsuit. Speaker 3 00:42:15 I see the only way to do it, tracking water Speaker 2 00:42:16 All over the place. Yeah. Door out of the master bedroom, straight to the hot tub is very smart. Speaker 3 00:42:22 That's quite the project. I wouldn't recommend trying to knock that out in a week or two. Uh, just for the sheer fact that it's probably gonna take a bit to build a patio. Sure. An order a door. Yeah, Speaker 2 00:42:32 Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's a lot of things involved in, in getting a hot tub installed and power and all of that stuff. But, uh, but it's certainly something to think about, you know, maybe a card that is a promise of a hot tub, Speaker 3 00:42:47 Like an IOU. And I owe you, I owe you hot tub. Speaker 2 00:42:52 You won hot tub and master bedroom access with master bedroom access. I would take that, I guess. Yeah. That's pretty good. I mean, as long as you follow Speaker 3 00:43:01 Well, speaking of having a romantic patio, a really cool thing to do is put string lights over the patio and I'll give you a tip. If you've got a long run, if you've got a really long run, say 20, 25 foot long run where you want to put string lights in, don't just string them using the, the extension cord, the electrical wire, for sure. For sure. Um, the it's not rated for that. You'd want it to hang on them on something. That's why each usually when you buy like those larger bulb string lights, it'll have little hooks on the top of every bulb. What you'd want to do is take some eighth inch stainless steel cable or eighth inch steel cable coded, and then string that from end to end wherever you want those to string. Speaker 2 00:43:53 And you're attaching those to like some little islets or something, right. Speaker 3 00:43:56 And then put your string lights on those. That's the way you should do it. Speaker 2 00:44:00 So you're buying the eighth inch cable, you're buying some crimps or some cable ends some islets with some, in some islets. I mean, there's, there's a few different parts and pieces you're going to need to do. Speaker 3 00:44:13 Yeah. They, you can actually get them where they cramp. So you have to get a crimping tool, but they also make like U bolts that go over it and then you tighten the U bolt around it and that will hold the, your loop in place. Okay. So Speaker 2 00:44:28 Now HaBO special tools required tensioning it. Speaker 3 00:44:31 Um, so I did this in my backyard, full disclosure. I put it up in my backyard just this way, a few years ago and I just hand tensioned it really. I pulled it tight and then put the buckle on it, bring it down tight. Yep. And then when I put my string lights on there, it gave it just the ever so perfect little curve. Speaker 2 00:44:52 Oh yeah. A little droop is what you're saying. Just a little Speaker 3 00:44:54 Bit, uh, sort of, Speaker 2 00:44:55 Uh, uh, happy accidents where you're Speaker 3 00:44:57 Saying exactly. You know, in one of the things that I did is I put a remote controlled, um, extension cord or it's, it's like a outlet that you plug the, the core lights into. So that way I can turn them on and off. Oh yeah. Speaker 2 00:45:15 I have a smart outlet that you can do that you can communicate to with your phone. I do. Wow. That's smart. Speaker 3 00:45:21 You know, I got the Speaker 2 00:45:22 Smart things. I know you got the smart thing going on all over the place, light dimmers in every room. It's crazy. Yeah. That's a really good idea. I have, um, I have lights outside of my, um, back patio under my back patio cover, having a lighted outdoor living space is very nice, especially in the summertime, man. Is it ever nice? I, I absolutely love that my barbecue is out there under my back patio. And, um, I love having lights there. If you don't have lights on, on your back patio, you definitely should have that's. That's a good addition. Speaker 3 00:45:56 Absolutely. Uh, you know, Tony, we did another project, uh, on that's up on our YouTube channel. You can go check it out. Uh, but this is a good one to do for your significant other, if they're an outdoor plant person and you live in an area where you, you can't plant something in the ground directly, we Speaker 2 00:46:19 Built like in an apartment where you have like a back Speaker 3 00:46:21 Yeah, exactly. Like an apartment or Speaker 2 00:46:24 Something, second floor, Speaker 3 00:46:25 A townhome or a second floor. Or if you just don't have space Speaker 2 00:46:29 To plant your own, you don't have your own grass. Speaker 3 00:46:32 Got it. Your own garden. We built a plant trellis made out of a single black welded panel in the square fencing. It's called hog wire fence. We stock it apart lumber, but we made, we basically took two pieces of Cedar two by four. And we built a, a planters box, like a raised garden bed kind of thing. And we fastened it all together. So then we put climbing plants inside of it. So as it grows, it creates this nice, uh, wall. Uh, we put a ladder like Clematis or something with nice flowers, but it will also make like a privacy type thing. Uh, that's a really good project. So you should go check that on our YouTube channel and, uh, attempt one of those. It was actually pretty simple. Speaker 2 00:47:20 Yeah. And it turned out really good too. I absolutely love it. It's climbing up there except sleep. Great. All right. Well, I think that's all the time we got, um, we really appreciate you tuning in. We hope that you got something out of this. We hope that you have an amazing Valentine's day and we hope that you have an amazing week coming up. This has been another episode, your weekend warriors right here on the weekend. Warriors radio network have a great week.

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