Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2023

Episode 603 June 01, 2023 00:43:16
Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2023
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Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2023

Jun 01 2023 | 00:43:16


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Welcome to a special episode of "The Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Show" with your hosts, Tony and Corey! This time, the dynamic duo shifts gears to celebrate the unsung heroes of the household—Dads! Join us for a heartwarming and informative discussion as Tony and Corey share creative and thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary.

In this episode, our hosts explore a variety of gifts tailored to the DIY dad, the backyard enthusiast, and the home improvement aficionado. From must-have tools to innovative gadgets, Tony and Corey curate a list of presents that will make any father's heart skip a beat.

Get ready for an engaging conversation filled with laughter, personal anecdotes, and, most importantly, practical suggestions that will make this Father's Day truly special. Whether your dad is a seasoned DIY veteran or someone just starting to explore the world of home improvement, Tony and Corey have you covered with unique and meaningful gift ideas.

Tune in for a dose of inspiration, celebrate the father figures in your life, and make this Father's Day a memorable one with "The Weekend Warriors Home Improvement Show"! Because when it comes to honoring dads, Tony and Corey know how to hit the nail on the head!

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Speaker 1 00:00:04 Welcome to the Weekend, warriors Home Improvement Show, built by Par Lumber when it comes to big or small projects around the home. Tony and Corey, you've got the know-how and the answers to make your life just a bit easier. Here they are, your Weekend Warriors, Tony and Corey. Speaker 2 00:00:24 Hey, welcome to the Weekend, Warrior's Home Improvement Show podcast. I'm Corey Valdez. I'm Tony Cookson. Thanks for checking us out today. Uh, we've got an excellent show lined up for you today. We're gonna be talking about Father's Day gift ideas. It's coming up in a couple weeks, and Tony and I have compiled the Ultimate Father's Day gift list. This is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts because we love gifts and we are deaths fathers. Yes. Yeah. We love gifts for ourselves. You know, and it's funny, Tony, because you know, in doing research for the show, I find it funny when you Google, like you just go to Google and you search Father's Day gift ideas. There's a million things. There's a million websites that pop up and say, here are our, here's the ultimate gift list, and you click on it and it's trash. Speaker 2 00:01:16 I love this one. 727 Great Father's Day gift ideas. <laugh>, I don't need 727. I just need need one, one. Really good gift. Yeah. One really good one. And, uh, a lot of these websites, while I'm not trying to discount every website, a lot of these websites have a bunch of u not only useless suggestions, but also items that are not quality. Just I know just because it is inscribed <laugh>, something having to do with dad or father, uh, does not make it a good gift. Uh, unless he's going to, unless he's gonna lean it up on a shelf and look at it, right? Yeah. If he's gonna look at it, then something inscribed Dad or father or greatest dad or best father, that's great if he's gonna lean it up and look at it. But if you expect him to use it, you need to get a quality version. Speaker 2 00:02:11 That's exactly, that's my point of, of that thing. That is my point. And that's, I see that all too often. You know, the first thing you know, you Google search Father's Day, DIY dad gift ideas, you know, these cheesy $3 tape measures show up, you know, that say World's Best Dad or something, and they're $29 with your name and grade on them. Yeah. I mean that, don't be offended, but if you already bought one, I feel, I'm sorry, but it's trash. You, you, you may have made a mistake. I know it's gonna show up. You're gonna give it to dad and he's gonna go Thank you. Yep. He's gonna act like he loves it and he's gonna put it on the shelf and he's never gonna touch it. Yeah. It's gonna, he's gonna look at it and say, somebody got me that as the world's Best Dad gift. Speaker 2 00:02:54 And it's, it's a terrible tape measure. You are better off to download and print a photo of that item <laugh> and stick it on a card and save the $29 and say, wouldn't this be cool? But then give him a real gift That's right. Made by an American company who makes quality tools and then he can use it for the next 20 years. Yes. Yes. And then he'll look back and say, man, I remember when I got this item right for Father's Day. Some of what a great day. Some of the things on the list that I made Tony, are a little generic. For instance, I'm gonna, I'm gonna say the first one, cordless, l e d light. Okay. A cordless l that's on the top of your list. Well, it's not the top, but it's, it's one of those items. Okay. That is generic. Speaker 2 00:03:39 You know what I mean? There's not a specific brand. You go to Amazon, there's a million cordless l e d lights out there. A lot of them are really, really good. I actually have a couple that I love. They're rechargeable. You just keep 'em plugged in with a USB cord, you unplug it, and they, they last, you know, you turn it on and you get at least 45 minutes to an hour of full light. Yeah. Out of those things. Uh, Makita makes one. I really love the Makita one because it uses all the batteries that I already have. Right? So hence is the same truth with so many of the power tools We'll mention today. Makita makes them as well as other places, make it a hundred percent. But the super cool thing about Makita is because I have Makita one battery, one tool line, you know, and, and everything is covered. Speaker 2 00:04:27 You don't have to keep buying batteries in Chargers every time you buy a tool. Abso, and I wanna say this, I wanna reiterate what Tony just said. If you have, if you're buying tools for your dad or your husband, and he has a certain tool ecosystem, right? I wouldn't just change it up a tool, platform platform. I wouldn't just change it up. You know, if he's team Makita, don't buy him a DeWalt Sure. Or a Milwaukee, right? Or if he's team Milwaukee and all of his tools are Milwaukee, don't buy him a Makita because it kind of throws a a wrench into that, right? And you're, you, like Tony said, you have to have a separate charger and a separate battery. They're not interchangeable amongst platforms, different brands, right? But for instance, Makita, they make every tool known to to man, right? And even lawn tools, they make lawn and garden tools that are absolutely phenomenal, and they all use the same battery. Speaker 2 00:05:28 It's fantastic. So if you're just starting out, or if you're, you know, say your, your dad has not a professional grade tool, I'd get him a Makita, I'd go that route. I think that's a great choice. L e d cordless, l e d light is great for so many purposes. We're not spending any time on, I'm just gonna say whether you're working on the car, whether you're working on a project, whether you're working in the yard or in the house, or you have a power failure, or you're working in the garage. All of those places where you need, or you're, did I say camping? Camping, camping? Yeah. You know, you, there's so many reasons why you need a cordless l e d light. I just wanna throw this out there as a quick story about the cordless l e d light. I was doing some electrical work in my attic. Speaker 2 00:06:18 I had to turn the power off in my home, so I had no power. So really my only option was either a headlamp or a flashlight or a candle. But I have this <laugh> cordless l e d shop light that is so bright. I can just set that up at the entrance to my attic and it lights up the whole thing. Yeah, absolutely. Phenomenal. Great gift idea. Agreed. All right. Real quick, cordless tools. Let's just talk about cordless tools. We talked about Makita. They make a phenomenal platform. The tools that I would really look at would be first and foremost an impact drill. Yes. An impact drill driver, and then a, a standard drill driver. They're two different drills. Impacts use really fast. Ratcheting. Ratcheting. It's not really a ratchet. It's almost like a, it's hard to explain. It's like a little hammer. Hammer. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:07:12 Yeah. It hits and hits and hits and hits and hits a whole bunch of times in succession. And so it's not, it does not constantly trying to turn. Yeah. It, it turns and turns and turns and turns and turns and ultimately results in less, you know, spinning out your drill, uh, tip on you, the tip of your fastener, less torque on your wrists. It's a really great tool for somebody that's not really great at driving screws. Right. You know, if they're not, uh, you know, they don't have the strength to hold the drill. Right. And impact drill driver, it's fantastic for that because all you really gotta do is hold it tight to the screw and it does all the work. So that's, that's my number one. Then a drill driver. That's great for drilling holes, you know, big bore bits through wood. Your drill driver, you need that impacts are not great for that. Speaker 2 00:08:01 Right. What's the next one, Tony? Okay. You need something to fasten things together with, uh, like a finished nailer. Brad nailer stapler, they make a bunch of different sizes for a bunch of different uses, whether you're siding or roofing or doing finished carpentry in the wood shop. Um, they make cordless staplers and nailers fasteners, and those are great tools. Nothing is more annoying than having to turn on the air compressor. Get out your hoses, <laugh>, run all the hoses. Yeah. You know, get out your Brad nailer, turn the air compressor on and wait for it to get up to pressure. Yes. Or you have that piece of trim that you're replacing a door in the back corner of the house and your air compressors in the garage. You gotta haul it all the way back. Right. Plug it in. It's loud. Right. The cordless, uh, dry drill, uh, sorry. Speaker 2 00:08:54 The cordless nailers. The piners, the finished nailers. Phenomenal. Yep. Really good. Once you go that route, very easy to reach and, uh, and fire it off and be done with that little portion of the project. So, super simple. Yep. Last time, I'm gonna say Makita <laugh> feel like this is a Nikita commercial. Yeah, well, there's a, Nikita makes a great line of tools. We've already covered that. Yeah. They're fantastic. And it's very extensive, so it's hard not to mention some of those things. But, but really quickly, let's cover the, the last of these tools. They make a compact router that is absolutely amazing. We've used it on a couple of the projects we've shot on, uh, YouTube. And, uh, it's a very cool compact little tool. Works very good. Fits right in your hand. Yep. Easy to store. You know, you've heard of a skill saw, which is a worm drive saw. Speaker 2 00:09:40 It's a rear handled circular saw. Nikita makes a rear handled circular saw, except it's cordless. Um, skill also makes a rear handled cordless circular saw. But that battery is heavy <laugh>. The, the whole setup is pretty heavy. It's heavy and it's specific to skill. Right. That is the thing you gotta think about when you're buying cordless tools that use a battery. It uses the battery that comes with it. So again, if you're looking at a platform, makita's fantastic because all of the batteries are interchangeable. Right. You just unplug it, plug it over here, plug it over there. If you've got 10 batteries, you've got 10 individual sources of power for that tool. Absolutely. And the, the batteries even work in tools, Nikita tools that you wouldn't think of traditionally, like a coffee maker, like a coffee maker. That's a great, great example. They do, they make a coffee maker. Speaker 2 00:10:32 Yeah, I was gonna say <laugh>. I was gonna say 12 inch, you know, compound mire saw. Yeah. Yeah. They make that, which uses the exact same battery, also a weed eater and a chainsaw that they make for, you know, lawn and garden tools. Right. You touched on that. One of the tools that I want most for my home are the lawn and garden tools. Yeah. I absolutely despise the gas, putting it in my mower, cleaning that carburetor every couple of years when it starts sputtering and it won't start, it's smoking. You know, the blower, the, all of that stuff that runs on mixed fuel, it's noisy. You know, there's nothing worse than waking up in the morning to someone using a backpack blower. Oh, yeah. You know what I mean? That's, and it's just so loud. You can't even enjoy your coffee Yeah. Out on the patio because somebody is blowing off their yard. Speaker 2 00:11:28 Yeah. The cordless tools are completely quiet. Yep. You're absolutely right. Nikita makes a great product. They're very quiet, very dependable. One battery, all the tools. It's great. Absolutely. All right. Next one on the list for me anyway, is, and this is kind of one of those generic things, is a high powered l e d flashlight. Oh, a, a high quality l e d flashlight that uses batteries, or I've seen 'em that are even rechargeable. Nebo is a brand. Nebo n Ebo o I think Nebo makes a pretty good product act. I have several Nebo, l e d flashlights around my house, and every time I go back to them, they, they seem to always be still working. As a matter of fact, the last one that I bought charges with a regular u s bbc, you know, the same thing that charges my phone. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:12:16 You just plug it in, charges my flashlight, which is very cool. The nice part about the LEDs is that the batteries last a long time, but you also get this really high powered, high lumen beam. I'm not kidding you. They are so bright. That is a great gift idea for any dad that doesn't already have one. Absolutely. I agree. Uh, next one on the list, Tony is a, is a laser distance measurer <laugh>. You know, this is, oddly enough, I got one of these for Christmas this last year, because the one that I had, I had it for a long time. I used it all the time and it broke. Oh no. I dropped it and broke it. And it is a very cool gift idea, especially for a DIY dad that's just constantly measuring things. Yeah. You know, I have friends all the time that ask me to help give him help with fencing. Speaker 2 00:13:07 You know, the, because I sell lumber. They say, Hey, can you come over and help me figure out my fence? Or whatever. Yeah. So instead of taking my 25 foot or 30 foot tape measure and walking out 30 feet, making a mark, walking out 30 feet, making a mark walk, you know what I mean? You could just throw that laser up, bam. Yeah. 220 feet. Bam. You just push the button and it, and it logs the numbers. Very cool. Yeah. So highly recommend getting the laser tape. Yep. A laser tape. And actually the one that I got is Makita, and they're not, they're not even really that expensive. Nah, they're not. Uh, you know, you can get them for like, I don't know, 30, 40 bucks probably. Yeah. Decent. A really good one. Probably 60 bucks. Yeah. Yeah. They're good. Very cool. How they work. Speaker 2 00:13:45 Uh, next one on the list, staying with the lasers is a laser level. If you don't, if your dad doesn't have a laser level, they make very friendly, you know, like homeowner grade, I would say homeowner grade level levels that aren't, you know, the six or seven or $800 laser level kits. Right. Just a standard laser level is super, super handy. I just bought one. You did? I literally just bought one. Um, we have a, an end cap at Par Lumber right now. It's a special from Milwaukee, and it comes with a little tripod and the laser on there, and it shoots off three beams. Oh, nice. And it creates a cross, uh, on the surface that you're working on. And it's, and it's self-leveling, you know, so you gotta, you set it up there and it just kind of dis wobbles around for a second, and then it's totally good to go. Speaker 2 00:14:38 It, uh, works very good and it was super inexpensive. It was like 90 bucks or something. That's awesome. And so, yeah, it's really nice. I, I don't even really know what I'm gonna use it for, but I couldn't pass up. It just was so easy to use and so inexpensive that I, I needed it. So I, yeah. There's lots of reasons for myself, you know, lots hanging pictures. Yeah. You know, hanging photographs down a hallway that you all want to be in a line or installing l e d lighting on your ceiling and you just want them all to be in a line. You know, throwing a laser on there is so fast. Yeah. So easy. Instead of measuring over from the wall, making a mark, <laugh> moving your ladder over 10 feet. I've been there <laugh>. Oh, I did too. I did all that. Speaker 2 00:15:19 We put all new lights in our home when we got our, when we did our house remodel, and I had to get up with my tape measure and a pencil and I would measure over from the wall, you know, and sometimes it was 10, 12 feet and you're holding that up there and Yeah. You know, making that little mark and then moving the ladder down is just such a pain. Yeah. It just makes it a heck of a lot easier. A lot easier. Slam a laser up and you're done. And it's cool cuz it's a laser. That's right. <laugh>. All right. Uh, here's one that I own that again is, you know, you could buy lots of different brands and one thing I wanna reiterate, when you're buying dad a gift for Christmas or Father's Day or his birthday, whatever, don't go with like, the cheapest stuff you can find just because it's, you know, the, it, it, it's what it is. Speaker 2 00:16:14 You know what I mean? Sure. This one particular for me, it's a precision screwdriver set and they make 'em, you know, you go on Amazon and you can buy a precision screwdriver set for $5, or you can buy a really, really nice one for like 30 or $40. Right. I opted for the 30 or $40 set that I have, and it is absolutely phenomenal. I use that thing nonstop. I have two kids toys, batteries, you know, taking little things, the covers off of things. And it's all these different, there's probably, I don't know, 25 different bits in there of everything you could possibly imagine. Interesting. Interesting. Highly recommend. Hmm. I mean, like screwdrivers that go down as small as like for, for eyeglasses. Oh, absolutely. A tiny little things. The tiny ones, the biggest one in there probably isn't even a number two Phillips. Wow. Speaker 2 00:17:06 They're smaller, you know what I mean? Like all of those little things. Like if some, if your kid brings a toy to you that broke something on the inside Right. And they've got weird security screws on it. Yeah. It's probably in that kid. Yeah. <laugh>, that's awesome. I like that. I'll tell you what I use all the time is a stud finder. Oh yeah. I mean, constantly. I don't know what I would do without a stud finder. You know, they used to, they used to, they still make them, I guess actually those little magnetic stud finders with a little flop over magnet. Yeah. And you drag it across the sheet rock looking for a nail, and when it finds a nail, it flips up and says, Hey, nail here. This is a stud. Because there's a nail in it. Right? Yeah. This is way better. Speaker 2 00:17:42 These stud finders are so smart, they can actually detect electrical wires behind the sheet rock in the wall. Yeah. Yeah. They, um, stud finders are a great tool, an absolutely great tool. Definitely want to get a good quality one. And, um, if dad does not have one, he'll love it. I guarantee it. Here's a couple high tech, high tech type gift ideas. A compact inspection camera. Have you seen these, Tony? Well, sure, yeah. You the snake camera. Yeah. You push it, you put it down in the, into the, the bung hole of a wine barrel. Oh yeah. And you can inspect the inside of the wine barrel and see if the wood, when you take it apart, it's gonna be able to be used for a project like you and I might, is that literally what that's called? I, I mean, I think so. A bung hole? Speaker 2 00:18:29 I think it is. I think it is. That's where the, that's where the wa the wine comes out, I think. Wow. You put the cork in there. I think <laugh>, I mean, I'm not, I'm not, I don't know a lot about wine bros. I mean, you make a lot of stuff up, so it wouldn't surprise me, but I'll tell you what I do know. I do know that if you buy a wine barrel, you will not assume that the boards on the inside are without, um, blem. Without blemish. Right. You, because they get torn up in there. You have this idea for us to make a video. We're gonna make a video Yeah. About buying wine barrels. Tony is the manager of Par Newberg. So you are in wine country. Wine country. Yes, sir. You, you sell wine barrels. Yep. And you wanna make some Adirondack chairs. Speaker 2 00:19:13 Yes. Solely out of wine barrel. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it takes the staves, it takes one solid wine barrel to make one Adirondack chair. But I'll tell you what, that hardwood, it makes an absolutely beautiful, uh, Adirondack chair. Well, yeah, they're usually made out of oak. Yeah. With the, and it's got those natural curves and the, and for just fits your back and your, and your bottom perfectly. I'll tell you what, it is a nice, nice deal. I wanna make one. And just so you know, I googled bung hole. I was, um, a little worried there, <laugh>. Uh, but it is a whole board in a liquid tight barrel to remove contents. Okay. The hole was capped with a cork or cork like stopper called a bung. All right. Acceptable usage includes other access points that may be capped with alternate metals materials to make it airtight. Speaker 2 00:20:04 Yeah. I guess I can see how that might have seemed. Um, you know, probably reaches back to the Beavis and Butthead I d like slang, but it was, but it really was. Uh, it really is. Yeah. So, yeah. Anyway, that camera, they make 'em like, it's like a little camera on the end of a little flexible, uh, line that you can just stick in there and move the camera around and see what's going on in there. Yeah. Pretty cool. It's got a, usually they have a little light on them as well, which you would need, of course. And the new ones, they are either, they either connect wirelessly or they plug right into your cell phone. Perfect. So that you can watch what's going on Right. On your cell phone record the video. It's very cool. Yeah. That is very cool. Yeah, there's a lot of things that you wish you could see into, um, underneath something or around something. Speaker 2 00:20:47 There's a lot of reasons why somebody might use a snake camera. Oh, yeah. That's why I'm saying, so if you're cutting, if you're trying to find out, you know, where electrical is inside your wall and you don't want to cut a big hole. Right. Or maybe before you cut a hole, you can drill a tiny hole or take one of your plates off and stick the camera in there and see which way Yeah. You can see what's going on in somewhere. Physically see it without having to cause a lot of pain. A very cool Father's Day gift. A hundred percent without question. Uh, another one that's high tech is for, and it's, you know, it's expensive. It's over between 200 and $250 is flir, F L I R. Flir. They're a, actually a local Oregon company. They make a thermal camera that connects on your phone. Speaker 2 00:21:40 It plugs into the bottom, it basically turns the camera, your, it turns your phone into a thermal camera. Interesting. And there are lots of reasons to have a thermal camera. Oh, I agree with that for sure. Finding leaks. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, seeing where you need insulation. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it's just a very cool tool to have. So highly recommend it scanning the backyard for warm bodies. <laugh> in the dark. Oh yeah. Like, uh, squirrels or No, whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Or rac Raccoons. Raccoons. I was on my way to work yesterday and I saw a big coyote on the side of I five. I'll tell you what, I feel like we're seeing them more and more these days out in places where we normally wouldn't. I feel like, uh, their, their natural territory maybe is getting smaller. It's crazy. It is crazy. <laugh>. Um, okay, next one on the list. Speaker 2 00:22:33 This is one of my favorite ones. Tony and I have given this one out many, many, many times on this show. A fat lip <laugh>. Uh, yeah. Honestly, it's occidental leather. They make the best tool belts in the world, in my opinion. Uh, their website actually used to be best belt.com. They actually just changed it to oxidental leather.com mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But they make a, a tool belt. It's called the Fat Lip. It's probably my favorite out of the group. It's a good one. But they're, it's like a mixture of cordura and leather and they put big leather lips on the pockets so that they stick out and they don't automatically close on you. Right. They're very, very nice. But if you go to the website, you can check out, there's all kinds of different configurations depending on what your dad is into. They have vests, they have woodworking vests that are really, really cool. Speaker 2 00:23:31 So highly recommend. They make the absolute best tool belts known demand. They're expensive. You're gonna pay upwards of 300 plus dollars. Yep. Uh, for a really, really good one. But, but it lasts forever. Yeah. It'll be the last one you ever buy. Yeah. I mean, dad will end up handing that down and, you know, honestly, it'll get handed down again, these, uh, very quality tool that will last for a very, very, very long time. Absolutely. All right. Staying with the fat motif, Tony? Yes. <laugh> Fat Max, Stanley Fat Max, fat Max Tape measure is a very good, the reason why they call it a fat max is because the blade that rolls up in the tape measure the blade is wider, like an inch and a quarter wide, which allows it to, um, be very rigid w when you're using it. So you standout. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:24:22 You stand the tape out a long ways in order to get a measurement on something and it doesn't snap over or bend over and then you have to bring it back and do it again. You don't always have to have somebody with you when you're measuring something. A lot of times you can just reach it out there and, and measure it. Yep. It's by far my favorite tape measure. Super great quality. I've got probably three of them. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> one at every location. And, uh, it's something that if, if your father doesn't have a really high quality tape measure, Stanley Fab Max. Yep. They're about what, 30 bucks, 35 bucks? Yeah. Yep. Absolutely. I mean, you know, it depends on the size. They've 25 and 35 and 40 foot, 45 foot. Maybe they make some big old tape measures. I will say bigger tape measure, the longer tape measures aren't necessarily always worth it. Speaker 2 00:25:09 Yeah. For the standard, you know, DIY dad, a 25 foot tape is probably your best bet. Then they, because one thing is, is as the bigger the tapes get, they just use the same case and they put the longer tapes in that same case. So then sometimes they're harder to roll up. Sure. They don't last as long. They're very heavy as well. They're a 25 foot tape, in my opinion is probably the, the best one. Yep. It's good. It's good distance. Alright. Real quick. Um, you know, when Tony and I are talking about gifts, I said it before, I'm gonna say it again. I like to think about a gift for someone that would not, they would normally not get it for themselves. Right. Right. Don't get 'em something cheap and chinsy that they're gonna go, thanks and then throw in the toolbox or throw in the garage and never use it again. Speaker 2 00:26:07 You want to get 'em something that they're gonna like appreciate and really love. I think that's the idea, right. For any gift giver. And when it comes to hammers, you know, if your d i y dad has a chinsy old hammer, <laugh>, go out and buy him a Vaughn, California framer's gonna make him feel like a real framer. Yeah. They're good hammers, uh, you know, you pay a little extra money for them, but they're certainly not the most expensive hammer on the market. A hundred percent. No. But they are, they are what the professionals use, what framers are buying and using on the job site is a, a Vaughn, California framer. Very common. Yeah. I see Tons and tons of them. You know, 19 ounce or 23 ounce, depending on Yeah. How big. Yeah. You need it. Yep. They make 'em in different lengths. They, you know, I do see if you do go out onto a job site, I go onto the job sites every day. Speaker 2 00:27:04 You see tons and tons of, of real framing hammers. Rarely do you see, you know, like the cheap hammers. Right. It's usually by the, the new person that just started, the guy who doesn't know and didn't know and they spent, you know, 10 or $15 on a hammer and it doesn't last them, but it less, you know, less than a year. Right. And then they go out and buy a real hammer framing hammer. Right. Vaughn is just one of many. Yeah. There's, there's lots of different types. I really like the Vaughn, California framer get a milled face. They come into also a smooth face depending on what type of work you're doing. Finish work for a smooth face. A hundred percent. Yeah. So yeah, you'll pay what, 30, 35 bucks? Yeah. Maybe $40 for a really good vaan mm-hmm. <affirmative> made, made in America. Yep. So they are good, very good tools. Speaker 2 00:27:50 How about a Craig Jig set? Ugh, I love my Craig Jig. I feel like I have parts of a Craig Jigs set. I have a few of the parts, but they make a pretty, well, they're probably mine extensive wine <laugh> of, of, you know, tools that you use to fasten things blindly, blind fastening and strange fastening ways and very shallow fastening. It's a, it's a product that allows you to do things in woodworking that you would not normally be able to do. Uh, because it is a template that's already set up at the perfect angle with the perfect length screw. And you can put two pieces of wood together that you wouldn't think you'd ever be able to do. And it puts the fastener in there at just an angle that it hides the fastener and holds it tight. It's a very good product. Yeah. Speaker 2 00:28:39 It's a pocket hole, I guess is another kind of a generic term. Yeah. For Craig, Jake, there are other pocket hole, you know, manufacturers out there that make their, their deals. Craig is k r e g. We're not sponsored by Craig or anything. No, we're not yet. So if you're listening Craig, you would love <laugh>. But they do make a great product. Yeah. We own, I own one bought it myself and Tony and I use it all the time. Yeah. We used it to, uh, build that table. Uh, that was a really great use of the Craig jig your table too, didn't we? Yeah, yeah, that's right. We built that, uh, table and we put all of those pieces together with that Craig Chicken. I mean, it was a lot of screws and a lot of screwing, but we got it done. It turned out really good. Speaker 2 00:29:21 Once, once you fasten 'em together with glue and those screws, it's eight. Never. Yeah. It's never very solid connection. Very solid. Uh, another one that's gonna cost you a little bit of money, but, uh, yeah. I think in my opinion is worth it. It's gonna be like the top scale is fine. F e i n made in Germany, multi-tool. They call it the multi-master. It's an oscillating tool that sounds very funny. Right. You put a bit or a blade on the end of it and you turn it on and it just oscillates back and forth. But either is the most versatile Yeah. Most versatile tool. Yeah. I use it all the time. You get into these situations when you're doing remodeling, you're doing work that you have to make that very, very accurate cut. And there's only one tool in the world that can do it. Speaker 2 00:30:16 Right. And that's a multi-tool. You also oftentimes need to get your blade flat on a surface. Your blade needs to be flat on the surface and cut right along that surface. Right. And that is a very difficult thing to do. Like, you might try to do it with a, with a reciprocating saw, but that's gonna tear up the rest of the surface. Yeah. You can't do it that way. So, uh, this is a tool that can do things that other tools can't do, the angles that it gets and, uh, just the way that it goes after the, the project is really very cool. Yeah. And one thing you pointed out to me many years ago, Tony, that I did not believe, but is the safety factor. Yeah. You cannot cut your hand. I mean, I guess you could if you really tried, but Right. If, if you have a fine blade, which is like a, basically a flat saw blade mm-hmm. Speaker 2 00:31:07 <affirmative> oscillating back and forth mm-hmm. <affirmative> on and you touch your finger to it, it does not cut you. That's right. That's right. It it, you will not likely accidentally cut yourself. You could of course. You know, if you push hard enough on anything, you can dig into it. You'll break your finger across it. Yeah. Yeah. But you won't likely accidentally cut yourself with this tool. It's uh, it's in that way. It's a very safe tool to use. Which is cool because when you're holding it, it looks ominous. Yeah. The blades open. Yeah. The blades blades there in the open and it's got jagged teeth on it and you're like, oh, that thing looks dangerous. But then when it's running, it's going back and forth so fast that the only thing it's really wants to cut is a rigid surface. Yeah. Or a rigid piece of material. Speaker 2 00:31:47 And when you put your supple little finger on it, it's just not interested. Supple. Yeah. It's supple fingertips are very supple. Tony Supple fingertips. <laugh>. This next tool for me is, is really, it's one of a kind. It is. And it goes right along with what we were just talking about. The saw stop, which is a table saw with technology that actually will keep the saw from injuring you. If you were cutting a piece of wood and your hand was on top of the piece of wood, you were cutting on this table saw and you're sliding the wood towards the saw blade and, and you know, right before you would cut all of your fingers off the blade drops off the blade senses that your fingers are there. It stops, it slings down into the center of the thing and it locks it down fast like instantly. Speaker 2 00:32:38 It's so amazing to me when my eyes see it happen, it's just unbelievable. Yeah. There are a million videos online of people using hotdogs. They actually take, cuz who wants to really try it with their real finger. Right. For sure. I actually watched a YouTube video of a guy who used his real finger to test the technology. That guy was fearless, that guy. I know. He truly did it. He, he knew it was gonna work and he took his finger and he put it up there. Bam. It worked so fast. It works in milliseconds. Yeah. How fast. Absolutely. It drops the saw blade down below the surface. But I mean he had but a nick just a tiny little bear. But I mean like Yeah. But a nick, it was unbelievable. Yeah. And a lot of times your, a lot of times you won't be touched by it at all. Speaker 2 00:33:23 It actually detects like your electromagnetic force that's around your body, you know, it knows your because of the resistance or something. Yeah. They run current. The technology is unbelievable really. It's actually a local company. Yeah. The saw stop is, is maybe the guy that invented this, he from Oregon still works there. Yeah, yeah. He does. We are, we're actually gonna have an opportunity to go to their factory I think pretty soon. Or at least they're placed intu in there and check 'em out. Yeah. Where do some interviews hopefully and uh, be able to test drive one of their new compact saws. You can check 'em out on their website Saw stop.com. Um, but they, they run a current, like a small current through the blade so that when your finger, your body mass changes that current, it detects that and it bam sets off that deal. Speaker 2 00:34:16 Yep. It stops the blade and it's incredible. Very incredible, very exciting. If you haven't seen or heard of this product, Google it. Saw stop, saw stop.com, they're, the tool that they make is quite literally a, a game changer. Yeah. And I will say it's not the cheapest. It's probably, it's probably the most expensive thing on our list. Yeah. But for the dad that has everything. Oh yeah. You know, does he have a saw stop? Absolutely. That's a great question. And I'll tell you what, I would love to have a saw stop in my shop. Me too. Um, but um, but you know, I'm working with a, I'm working with a table saw that is some years old. Uh, you are working with a tables saw that's some years old too. Yeah. It's a little, little nicer than mine. But, but, uh, you know, this would be, this would be the crown jewel. Speaker 2 00:35:01 Yeah. It's honestly wood shop. It's on my list to replace my saw in the future and the near future because the, you know, the older I get, the more I value my fingers. <laugh>. Right? Absolutely. Yes. And you know, you're just not as fast as you used to be. Yep. And you're prone to more mistakes. And I tell you what, you know, the, the technology in that saw to replace, you know, it basically ruins your blade and it, you have to buy a new cartridge. Right. Which is about a hundred bucks. Right. So, you know your blade's 50 to 60 bucks, so you're into it for $160, but you've saved a finger. Right. What is that worth to you? It a lot more than 160 bucks. I can tell you that right now. The emergency room bill alone. Yeah. 10 times over. Yeah. So anyway, enough about that. Speaker 2 00:35:48 Great product. Fantastic product. Uh, next one on my list, probably the last to do with like the DIY guy, a set of anti-fog, safety goggles. Safety goggles, go goggles, goggles, <laugh>, you know, again, going back in time, you know, back in the day, you know, you just do a lot of things without throwing those safety glasses on. And the longer you get away with it, you know, you see, I see it all the time. I see these people, I see these videos where things fly off. Right. Yeah. And if you're operating a saw or any sort of equipment and everybody does it, I see it all the time. But I tell you one thing, your eye is really sensitive. <laugh>, and they make these goggles. You can buy 'em, lots of different manufacturers make 'em, but they're full safety goggles. They, they cover your whole eye. Speaker 2 00:36:43 Awesome. But they're, they're a double lens so that they never fog up. Awesome. So that's the thing is, if, if you don't, you don't wanna put on a set of safety glasses if they're gonna fog up. Right. Because it just makes, you're not gonna wear Yeah. It just makes you want to take them off and if you want to take them off, then you will because that's the easiest thing to do. Yeah. And they, they don't do any good. Right. Alright, the last couple things on the list, Tony, are more fun things. I really like this next one. I know that, uh, you are a guy who really loves to keep his vehicles clean, clean, clean, clean. Not just clean sparkling. I like to detail him like I have to put shades on just to look at your truck because it sparkles so much <laugh>. Speaker 2 00:37:25 But this, you have on this list a professional car wash kit with a foam gun and accessories. Tell me about how much you would love to have this for Father's Day. I absolutely want one of these kits. <laugh>, you know, I actually, on Instagram, I subscribe to all these car detail people. Yeah. They're like, uh, Instagrammers or YouTubers that just go out and get cars and then they detail 'em and then they show it. They video record them detailing cars in fast motion. But they do cars that are like super trashed. Oh yeah. Some of them do. Some of them just do regular cars, but like some of these guys go out and they'll buy like a car that's in a warehouse that has been in a barn or something for 40 years. Yeah. And they pull it out and they clean it and they all have these foam guns like that hook up to your either a pressure washer or a hose. Speaker 2 00:38:21 And they, they make a special, the way it works is that you put this liquid cl stuff in it and it foam, it sprays foam onto the car, but it does not just go away. It like sticks on and it stays there. The, however the foam is made, it just sticks on there. You okay? I don't know. I'm, I'm struggling a little bit. You inhale a little foam. Yeah. <laugh> a little car foam, but, uh, anyway, I would highly recommend it. You can go check 'em out online. They sell 'em everywhere, but I really, really want one. They're uh, it sounds very cool. I I I would like to come over then when after you get yours, my phone gun. Yep. And then you're gonna do the car. Just call me ahead of time. <laugh>. I'm gonna come over and just gonna pull up a chair and maybe, um, and watch me foam. Speaker 2 00:39:09 Yep. I'm just gonna watch you foam up your car. Yeah. I wanna see how it's done. We'll record it and then afterwards maybe you can come over to my house and show me how it's done on my car to do your wife's car. Yeah. Yeah. I'll let you borrow it. Okay, here's the last one. A whirly pop popcorn maker with Amish count country oil and flaco salt <laugh>. This is weird. I wrote this down and Tony was like, what are you talking about? What is flava call Salt. So if you are looking for the secret, if you're a popcorn person, if your, your dad or father is a popcorn guy, I'm gonna need some popcorn. When I'm watching you, I'm telling what that car, the whirly pop, you know, you know what a whirly pop is? It's like those stainless steel Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 00:39:53 Stove top. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> with the spinning thing. Right. Right. That's the old school way of making popcorn in, in my opinion, the superior way of making popcorn. But you, you know, you go to the theater, the movie theater or you get the popcorn at like Disneyland or something. It's so good. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, here's the secret. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, because if you just make popcorn in a worldly pop and you put butter on it, it's okay. Right. It's just, okay, you put salt on it and you do your thing and it's, it's it, but it's never as good. The secret is flavor call sounds weird. It sounds like a chemical that you would use to take off rust or something. But Amish country Oil, it's this oil that you buy. It's got a really, really good buttery taste to it. That's what you cook your popcorn in, in the whirly pop. Speaker 2 00:40:46 And then you use the Flava call salt. It's like a really fine salt that's like that buttery look color to it. And you sprinkle that in there inside. I like to put it in the whirly pop before the, before it pops. Before it pops. Really? I put my oil in and then I sprinkle the flaco on top and then I add my corn in all of that, you know, and they tell you to use like a teaspoon of oil. I use like three times that. Like a tablespoon of oil? Yeah, like two tablespoons. Okay. I like to coat it all in there. Cuz when the popcorn comes out, you want that flavor on all of it. Right. Okay. All right. So, but, but, and you gotta experiment. You can't, you know, if you make your first batch Flaca salt, you gotta be careful because super salty. Speaker 2 00:41:37 It is like pow in your face. Right. You put too much in, you're gonna be like, holy cow. And then dump it out. So Flava call, you gotta try it different ways, but I like to just sprinkle it in there and then pop it and then if you need a little more, you can add a little more. But you, again, a little goes a long way. But it's the craziest stuff you've ever seen. Flava call Flava Call Salt. Well that sounds like a great Father's Day gift. An amazing Father's Day gift. Oh yeah. And, and actually, who's it really for? You know, it's, you're a popcorn person. Yeah. It's for everyone who's gonna enjoy it. Get it for Dad to make you popcorn. Yes. <laugh>. Very good idea. Fantastic. Genius. That's it. Hopefully you got some, uh, some decent ideas out of our ultimate list there. Speaker 2 00:42:24 It's like, I wouldn't really call it Ultimate. I could probably come up with about 50 more things. No, it's a, yeah, it's a really good list. I mean, you can talk about stuff forever, but the fact is, anything on that list is gonna be a great gift. And, uh, if if Dad's got all of those things, then you send us an email, we'll give you some more. Yeah. Let us know. Yeah. <laugh> send us an email at Weekend [email protected]. That's, that's right. Weekend [email protected]. Yep. andr.com. Make sure you go follow us on, uh, Instagram. We are at WW Home Show. Can also check out our YouTube channel. We're putting tons of videos up there now, so you can go follow that. It's, uh, subscribe, it's can Yeah. youtube.com/ww Home show. That's right. WW Home Show. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. All right. Cool. Thanks for listening and, uh, we'll see you next time. Have a great week.

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